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Good luck with your sale. Highly recommended!


User Reviews

When I came up with an idea and offer he stayed with me nights until late morning. He is very ambitious and stays not sleeping until he improves the code at its best. As long as he has time for the metin2 code he will do his best. I'm not sorry about the money I've paid ever because I always received what I wanted. If you are a 'noob' in programming ofc you won't like it because you need a little brain to tell him what exactly you want and give some tips about improvements coz he's only 1 human and cant think about everything.


User Reviews

Recommended very nice systems and with all support πŸ™‚


User Reviews

I use the multilanguage system for about 2 years and still works wonderfully. Thank you Vegas!


User Reviews

Recommended guy πŸ‘ one of the rare types who actually doesn't want to scam you.


User Reviews

I recommend Vegas, all his work is amazing.


User Reviews

Great service and super friendly person, recommended!


User Reviews

I bought from him, he has good quality service and fast worker in everything he does. I recommend it!


User Reviews

Vegas is clearly one of the best developers in this scene. He has a good understanding of the metin2 source, but has advanced programming knowledge with that he can literally code you any system you need. He is also very friendly and a nice person to talk to. I wish you good luck with your service my friend.


User Reviews

Highly recommend Vegas. Fast & Clean & Smart code, like a programmer. His code is good, sorry I mean GOD. Compared to the past, it has changed and evolved a lot. Some of the systems I use are based on the essential part of the code, made by Vegas, and running perfectly.


User Reviews

I recommend his services although he's a busy person when he responds, he's polite and a fast worker too.


Knowing Vegas for years now, I bought his multilanguage system and will continue shopping. Great service and super friendly person, recommended!


User Reviews

Hello, I bought some systems from Vegas, the guy is correct and so helpful. I tried to install a system by myself and I caused some problems, he offered me support and solved the problems without any extra charge also with much respect and politeness. His answer was very fast, even if I bought them a time ago, he answered in some moments.


User Reviews

I recommend Vegas, he has good service, systems, and everything you will need, he is a reliable person of 100% high quality. He helped me with every problem.


User Reviews

Great Dev, all of his systems work like a charm. Recommend!!!


User Reviews

This guy is just amazing! I bought a lot of systems from him and I got every time full support to all problems that I had. Also, he helps me a lot with Problems that I have in the past on Xaleas server. I can only recommend this dude!


User Reviews

A very knowledgeable person in the field and is always willing to help you at any time. Highly recommend!


User Reviews

He always helped me and sold us perfect works and personal systems. 100% recommended!


User Reviews

Best dev ever!!! This man knows what he is doing. Bought his systems, they are full, clean and he always helps me with anything...


User Reviews

I want to thank Vegas with all my heart for trusting me to sell me one of his most complex projects. Multilanguage system. It works perfectly from the moment of implementation, and speaking of support !! Nothing negative !! Every time when I had a problem due to my changes he responded and helped me with every request extremely quickly. Thank you for choosing me to be your client. I hope for many more collaborations together. I recommend with confidenceπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


User Reviews

A very knowledgeable person in the field and is always willing to help you at any time. Highly recommend


User Reviews

We are one of the lucky ones that can have VegaS's client optimization now. This optimization changed our game on a whole another level. Even though its a huge huge change, after hes implementation we didn't need to change a single thing. This guy is a magician and he is on a whole another level. All of our players was like "wtf" when the update went on the live server. They spammed messages like "omg thank you for this imporvement, its epic. etc. etc." I can only recommend him, friendly, polite and supportive developer.


User Reviews

Vegas already helped me so much times, even with my source problems he is a great guy. A very busy man but deserves all of the money!


User Reviews

He is a nice guy. I can call myself an "old customer" of his since we know eachother for about 6 years now. Helped me with his systems all the time and sometimes even with small stuff for free. Never gave up and never let me down. I don't know about others but with me he was more than ok. He was always doing high quality work even if was more time consuming he always wanted to be known for a clean and nice code. He is one of the few people on dev i would pay the price before my project is ready.




Good news for p-servers and owners!
In the last years, over one hundred people asked me if they can hire me to be their developer and I refused them because I was really busy, mostly with my university, full-time job, and other activities.
Now, after over 10 years of activity in metin2 and over 4 years in companies as a Software Developer and recently advanced to Senior, I managed to organize my time and tasks really efficiently, and I'm pleased to announce that:

Since today, I'll give the chance to owners to hire me!

My defining characteristics:

  • Mainly focused on Python and C/C++ with years of real experience, but I can code in multiple languages.
  • Excellent communication skills and a good understanding of problems and requirements, with the ability to work as part of a diverse team.
  • Ability to manage and plan in a fast-paced, team-focused environment, ability to manage time effectively and prioritize tasks.
  • Flexible and resilient when it comes to stressful situations.
  • Detail-oriented, organized, meticulous, and able to work at a fact-pace with tight deadlines.
  • For more information related to my educational and professional experience, you can find them here (click).

You must have (a few steps can be done together later):

  • good english skills for communicating with voice and text
  • an application for project management like Trello, Jira, Azure DevOps, YouTrack, that will boost productivity
  • minimum knowledge-based on talking technical, expressing with clear words what you need, describing the tasks with information like scenarios, attaching photos, drawing different things for structures when it's related to a complex thing, and more
  • GIT repository with your files
  • Microsoft Teams for team meetings, they will be scheduled inside that app, there you have a calendar, activities, and a lot of stuff for boosting productivity, everything will be scheduled based on our time, excluding the urgent situations
  • you must be a friendly, patient person and understand the principle of my personal life as well.

Payment (the conditions are customizable for each person):

  • The owner must have its own budget because it will be a fixed monthly salary.
  • The payment will be done through my company, you'll receive an invoice for each payment.

For more information, contact me: https://www.vegas-projects.com/contact-me/

Please don't contact me just for information if you're not sure what you want to do and you're not prepared for this.