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Good news for p-servers and owners!
In the last years, over one hundred people asked me if they can hire me to be their developer and I refused them because I was really busy, mostly with my university, full-time job, and other activities.
Now, after over 10 years of activity in metin2 and over 4 years in companies as a Software Developer and recently advanced to Senior, I managed to organize my time and tasks really efficiently, and I’m pleased to announce that:

Since today, I’ll give the chance to owners to hire me as a developer.

My defining characteristics:

  • Mainly focused on Python and C/C++ with years of real experience, but I can code in multiple languages.
  • Excellent communication skills and a good understanding of problems and requirements, with the ability to work as part of a diverse team.
  • Ability to manage and plan in a fast-paced, team-focused environment, ability to manage time effectively and prioritize tasks.
  • Flexible and resilient when it comes to stressful situations.
  • Detail-oriented, organized, meticulous, and able to work at a fact-pace with tight deadlines.
  • For more information related to my educational and professional experience, you can find them here (click).

You must have (a few steps can be done together later):

  • good English communication skills (voice and text)
  • a project management application such as Trello, Jira, Azure DevOps, or YouTrack that will increase productivity
  • minimum technical knowledge, expressing what you need in clear words, describing tasks with information like scenarios, attaching photos, drawing different things for structures when it’s related to a complex thing, and more
  • GIT repository with your files
  • Microsoft Teams for team meetings, they will be scheduled inside that app, where you have a calendar, activities, and a lot of stuff for boosting productivity, and everything will be scheduled based on our time, with the exception of urgent situations.
  • You must be friendly and patient, as well as understand the principles of my personal life.

Payment (the conditions are customizable for each person):

  • The owner must have its own budget because it will be a fixed monthly salary + xx% percent from donations, you must be transparent with them.
  • The payment will be done through my company, you’ll receive an invoice for each payment, which means you’ve to be transparent with me related to your personal information or company ones.

For more information, contact me: https://www.vegas-projects.com/contact-me/

Please don’t contact me just for information if you’re not sure what you want to do, and you’re not prepared for this.