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What are the payment methods?

Do you make custom systems/features?

Back in the time, I did many customized systems, but just if I like the idea itself, otherwise not.

Can I hire you as my full time developer?

Yes, but you will need to satisfy a lot of conditions for taking me in your project.
When you write me about it, be sure that you send a message that will convince me, with all possible details about the project, team, incomes, stability […]

Can I hire you as freelancer per hour?

Yes, I’m a freelancer outside of metin2 as well.
It doesn’t matter the domain as long as I’m paid per hour.

I paid you some years ago and still didn't get the systems!

Send me a message again, my skype still has unread messages since the last years, we’ll fix it.

Do you sell source/server file?


Do you create any tool/API for metin2 or non-metin2 as a request?

Yes, I can create any kind of tool or API in multiple languages based on your requests.