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Example to start maintenance:
/maintenance <remaining time> <duration>
/maintenance 6h 30m
6h = remaining time that elapses.
30m = the duration of the maintenance.

* The message will be displayed when using the command manager:
<Maintenance> Was started successfully! The server will be offline in 21600 seconds!
<Maintenance> Estimated duration 1800 second!

When the 6h will pass the server will stop automatically and will enter the maintenance module and players will not be able
to connect until the server is restarted.

* If you made a mistake, and either you are wrong you did wrong during maintenance or approximate length, no problem I am here
to make your work very easy, I did check to stop this.

/maintenance force_stop // This will stop immediately maintenance and everything will be set to 0 so that you can turn
back maintenance if desired.

– Unable to activate twice a maintenance.
– The minimum time for the remainder of the maintenance default is 30 seconds.
– The maximum default for the remainder of maintenance is one week.
– Approximate minimum default length is 5 minutes.
– Approximate maximum default length is 1 day.
– Maintenance is included on all ch sites, it will be shown everywhere.
– Reason maintenance can change in real-time without any protection, for example, you can add a reason now, after 10 seconds other reason and so on.
– The server will automatically close no matter what time you add or as active as maintenance to begin 3-4 days when the time will
flow automatically from the server.
– Automatically activated when maintenance GUI will appear in the game for all players, and time will decrease in real
time which is taken from the server.
– You can not use the command activation if you name the same as in config.
– You can not use the command activation unless you specifically set the IP at the config.
– You can add a reason that makes it very easy maintenance in real-time, you can change without a limit of time.
– Time is automatically converted into seconds, you have arguments such as:
– d (day) || h (hour) || m (minutes) || s (second)
– Default module maintenance has no reason, when first started maintenance will show:
– [i] Reason: Not exist reason included !
* Example to activate reason:
/m_text enable Dear players, we need to do this to remove the bug from the room crystal! // In the game will look ->
[i] Reason: <your text>
* Disable reason:
/m_text disable // Why it will remove the text with maintenance and it will put the default meaning ->
[i] Reason: Not exist reason included !