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User Reviews

We are one of the lucky ones that can have VegaS's client optimization now. This optimization changed our game on a whole another level. Even though its a huge huge change, after hes implementation we didn't need to change a single thing. This guy is a magician and he is on a whole another level. All of our players was like "wtf" when the update went on the live server. They spammed messages like "omg thank you for this imporvement, its epic. etc. etc." I can only recommend him, friendly, polite and supportive developer.


User Reviews

Vegas already helped me so much times, even with my source problems he is a great guy. A very busy man but deserves all of the money!


User Reviews

He is a nice guy. I can call myself an "old customer" of his since we know eachother for about 6 years now. Helped me with his systems all the time and sometimes even with small stuff for free. Never gave up and never let me down. I don't know about others but with me he was more than ok. He was always doing high quality work even if was more time consuming he always wanted to be known for a clean and nice code. He is one of the few people on dev i would pay the price before my project is ready.


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