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Advanced duel



* The person who initiates the duel:

– When you right-click a player and press the menu button target site of Duel, first a window will appear in which you can do the following things:
– You can view the victim machine
– You can view additional details such as Name, Level, Race, Minutes played, Guild, Hp Current, Current MP.
– You can view all items equipped on it even suits, Mills, scarf (not for suits or other weapons, but can be done on request.)
– You can select what you want to lock in your duel with the victim clamps during the duel as:

  • Blocking of changing equipment (items you can get out of you, but not to put (change))
  • Lock to get buff
  • Lock red potion elixirs and red
  • Blocking or climbing on a horse mount
  • Blocking of calling a companion (pet)
  • Blocking transformation through a globe
  • Blocking group
  • Locking a trading post
  • Also you can add a certain amount of money as a stake to the winner.

* Victim request:

– As a victim of receiving application duel you can not do anything but to take or reject the invitation to a duel, but also you can see the same things about the person who sent you the invitation
as well as his equipment, etc. and also information that the person selected to lock in that duel.
– You can not change the requirements duel for example, to uncheck some clamps or etc., do not have access.
– In case that was introduced a sum of yang in this invitation and you will accept duel duel with all requirements, these things will happen:
– The amount of yang, which was introduced will be deducted automatically from your inventory from you, and from the victim, for example: In the duel was set Work amount 3kk, and when [DEV]Vegas has accepted an invitation to a duel automatic duel started, which means that the stake money automatically extracted from inventory and were stored in the server. Which means -3kk Vegas and -3kk at Work when she began duel.
– The person who wins the duel will receive money * 2, which means that they will receive money back 3kk what introduced, and the money that the victim was killed by you.

– When one player out of the game / they teleport / relog / crash customer etc., automatically duel will be stopped and removed all settings, and in case you had a sum of yang stake will automatically be returned to both sides back .
– It Can not / is impossible for a player to have several sites at the same time duel.
– You can lock / unlock in duel equipment for all players.

All these clamps can easily select and deselect the same time through a bookmark.
All these clamps will be blocked and during the duel but also on and off automatically when the countdown begins, such as:
– Deleting automatic buff sites
– Exile’s pet / mount / horse etc.
– Automatic output of a group etc.

*Other check bla bla:

[You] Entered amount is as high as the maximum possible value in inventory.,
[You] The amount introduced is less than that amount that you own in inventory.,
[You] The amount introduced + current money is greater than the maximum amount possible in inventory.,
[Victim] The amount introduced + current money is greater than the maximum amount possible in inventory.,
[Victim] The amount introduced is less than that amount that victim own in inventory.,
Now you’re in a duel.,
The victim was already in a duel, you cannot send him invitation.,
Viewing the equipment already is BLOCKED.,
Viewing the equipment was BLOCKED, now no one will be able to see when you send your request for a duel.,
Viewing the equipment was UNBLOCKED, now all people will be able to see your equipment in duel.,
Viewing the equipment already is UNBLOCK.